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Affiliated with Behaviorists for Social Responsibility, Behavior and Social Issues is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary scientific journal which serves as a primary scholarly outlet for articles that advance the analysis of human social behavior, particularly with regard to understanding and influencing important social problems. The journal is particularly interested in publishing work related to issues with social justice, human rights, and sustainability implications, but all significant social issues are of interest. The journal serves as a nexus for the development of an intellectual community interested in these areas, which receive only modest attention in most behavioral outlets despite their potential importance for society. Articles considered for publication should be grounded in behavior analytic and behavioral systems science. (Please see About the Journal on the menu above to review the Focus and Scope of the journal.)

Vol 24 (2015)

Table of Contents


Editorial: Behaviorists for Social Responsibility 2016 PDF
BFSR Board of Planners 1-3


The Cost of Affluence: A Closer Look at the Food Industry PDF
Lauren Brown, Ramona Houmanfar 4-22
Applied Behavior Analysis and Behavioral Medicine: History of the Relationship and Opportunities for Renewed Collaboration PDF
Ashley Greenwald, Kathryn Roose, Larry Williams 23-38
Some Relations between Culture, Ethics and Technology in B. F. Skinner PDF
Camila Muchon de Melo, Marina Souto Lopes Bezerra Castro, Julio César Coelho de Rose 39-55
The Impact of State Abortion Policy on the Price of an Abortion PDF
Marshall Medoff 56-67
Exploring the Reliability and Convergent Validity of Implicit Propositional Evaluations of Race PDF
Chad Drake 68-87
Mass News Media and American Culture: An Interdisciplinary Approach PDF
Chelsea J. Wilhite, Ramona Houmanfar 88-110
Experimental analysis of the behavior of persons in groups: Selection of an aggregate product in a metacontingency PDF
Joáo Claudio Todorov, Isis Vasconcelos 111-125
The Selection of Cultural Units by Non-Contingent Cultural Events PDF
Natália Santos Marques, Emmanuel Zagury Tourinho 126-140
Verbal Operants of Corruption: A Study of Avoidance in Corruption Behavior PDF
Tete Kobla Agbota, Ingunn Sandaker, Gunnar Ree 141-163
Probability Pyramiding Revisited: Univariate, Multivariate, and Neural Network Analyses of Complex Data PDF
Chris Ninness, Robert Henderson, Sharon K. Ninness, Sarah Halle 164-186
Analysis of Delay Discounting as a Psychological Measure of Sustainable Behavior PDF
Jamie L. Hirsh, Mack S. Costello, R. Wayne Fuqua 187-202

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