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Internet of Things
This month: February 2017
The new world of data: Four provocations on the Internet of Things
The development and deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly emerging as the next major step in the ongoing evolution of the digital society and economy. To gain better insight into key characteristics that will differentiate this more intensely connected future, this paper examines the data that the Internet of Things will generate. The next phase of Internet development will raise new challenges — in particular, around risk, governance, and responsibility.
Also this month
What are we missing? An empirical exploration in the structural biases of hashtag-based sampling on Twitter
The hashtag is a recognized method to collect Twitter messages. However, it has its limits with respect to the inclusion of follow-messages, or @replies, that do not contain a hashtag. This paper explores to what extent the inclusion of non-hashtagged responses affects the study of interactions between Twitter users. The findings illustrate that hashtagged responses were more likely to include other interactive elements and the inclusion of non-hashtagged responses generated larger and more reciprocal networks.



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