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This month: June 2018
From 2,772 segments to five personas: Summarizing a diverse online audience by generating culturally adapted personas
Understanding users in the era of social media is challenging, requiring organizations to adopt novel computation-aided approaches. To exemplify such a tactic, this research is based on information about millions of interactions with YouTube video content from a major Middle Eastern media outlet. This information is used to automatically generate personas that capture how different audience segments interact with thousands of individual content pieces. Additional qualitative details added insights into these generated persona profiles. This study demonstrates the application of a novel methodology that generates culturally adapted personas of social media audiences, summarizing complex social analytics data into human portrayals that are easy to understand.
Also this month
Thinking relationally about digital inequality in rural regions of the U.S.
This paper reconsiders the concept of digital inequality, drawing from recent developments in science and technology studies. New ways of thinking about the material world move away from an examination of the cultural significance of ‘objects’ to consider the relationality, vibrancy, and continual ‘becoming’ of materials that we live amidst and interact through. These innovative theoretical developments offer new ways of framing present-day problems and consequences of disparate connectivity by drawing attention to connecting infrastructures instead of the end points of access. Based on ethnographic fieldwork on Internet access and use in a remote part of northern California, this research examines how the uneven and patchy deployment of technologies and physical infrastructures across space shapes rural experiences of the Internet.



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