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This month: August 2018
I get by with a little help from my friends: The ecological model and support for women scholars experiencing online harassment
This paper examines the phenomenon of online abuse and harassment toward women scholars in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. After women scholars experience online abuse and harassment, they rely on three levels of support, ranging from personal and social to technological and institutional. While participants depended on social and personal support most frequently, they commonly reported relying on multiple support across all levels. An ecological model demonstrates how different types of support are interconnected, suggesting that support for targets of online abuse must integrate aspects of all three levels.
Also this month
Social exchange is in the game: Communication and resource flow in a Xbox gaming clan
This study examined the international social network of a bounded Battlefield 4 gaming clan considering social exchange theory. More central members of the clan contributed more time and money to the clan than others. In addition, central members of the clan revived other members in-game more often. This study extends social exchange theory from face-to-face interaction to the virtual world, by showing communicative factors that influence online gaming networks, and to game studies by offering results applicable to online gaming clans. Gamers engage in various social exchanges and earn central positions within the network in return for their investments of time, money, and communication.



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