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This month: July 2015
Google chemtrails: A methodology to analyze topic representation in search engine results
Search engine results influence the visibility of different viewpoints in political, cultural, and scientific debates. Treating search engines as editorial products with intrinsic biases can help understand the structure of information flow in new media. This paper outlines an empirical methodology to analyze the representation of topics in search engines, reducing the spatial and temporal biases in the results. As a case study, this methodology is applied to 15 popular conspiracy theories, examining types of content and ideological bias, demonstrating how this approach can inform debates in this field.
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Digital commonplacing
This paper presents illustrative examples of digital technology that facilitates information sorting and recontextualizing. A number of online media allow collecting and systematizing information over time. Citations and user annotations are compiled into new works through a complex interplay between users and Web services. The resulting texts can be seen as remixes, allowing individual contributions to become part of a large number of potentially new texts. This way of reusing digital information may be compared to similar information management practices, known as commonplacing, found in early modern Europe.




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