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This month: September 2017
Have we finally bridged the digital divide? Smart phone and Internet use patterns by race and ethnicity
Two decades ago, research documented alarming disparities that existed in access to computers and the Internet between African-Americans and whites. With the latest U.S. Census Bureau/Bureau of Labor Statistics data, this paper reveals that the “digital divide” has not been bridged and remains as large as it was 20 years ago. African-Americans and Latino-Americans are less likely to use the Internet on smart phones, computer, tablets, or other devices than are whites. A statistical analysis reveals that income and education inequalities are the leading causes of the disparities in access to technology.
Also this month
‘Stop Fake Hate Profiles on Facebook’: Challenges for crowdsourced activism on social media
Based on six months of participant observation, this paper demonstrates how Danish Facebook users organised to combat fictitious Muslim profiles that spurred hatred against ethnic minorities. Crowdsourced action by Facebook users is insufficient as a form of sustainable resistance against fake hate profiles. A viable solution would require social media companies, such as Facebook, to take responsibility in the struggle against fake content used for political manipulation.



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