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This month: July 2017
“And somehow it ends up on the Internet.” Agency, trust, and risks in photo-sharing among friends and romantic partners
This study explores norms and rules of taking and sharing pictures and examines how these norms are defined in romantic partnerships and friendships. Trust, confidentiality, and consent are fundamental conditions for photo-sharing in close relationships. However, when it comes to negative causes and consequences of photo-sharing, trust and confidentiality are at the same time considered as unreliable and fragile. Usually, image-makers are held responsible for unintended sharing and re-sharing. Further responsibility is ascribed to invisible agents and insecure technological structures, while other involved persons are not described as accountable agents.
Also this month
Misuse or misdesign? Yik Yak on college campuses and the moral dimensions of technology design
Yik Yak was a location-based, anonymous, social media app that gained negative attention as a platform giving voice to bullying, racism, and sexism on college campuses. Integrating research on digital anonymity and cyberbullying, this paper analyzes the key features of Yik Yak and discusses the ethical dimensions of technology design, as illustrated by Yik Yak. Based on this analysis and integrating previous research findings on interaction in digital spaces, this paper provides a set of guidelines for integrating ethical considerations into the process of designing social apps.



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