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This month: January 2018
Nerd vs. bro: Geek privilege, idiosyncrasy, and triumphalism
Increasingly, geek culture is criticized as one that is biased; in particular, geek claims of meritocracy are thought to be naïve because they do not recognize the privilege (i.e., unseen advantages) of extant members. But some geeks are resistant to this critique. Why? Geek identity is informed by the trope of geek triumphalism: early insecurity is superseded by a sense of superiority. Geeks’ intelligence, unconventional enthusiasms, and idiosyncratic dress contributed to their marginalization, leading them to believe they would never do the same to others. These characteristics, later in life, become sources of success and pride, leading them to think they are more open-minded, objective, and beyond bias.
Also this month
Changing connectivities and renewed priorities: Status and challenges facing Nepali Internet
Evidence available after the devastating April 2015 Nepal earthquake illustrates uneven coverage and poor data consumption in Nepal in spite of impressive mobile Internet subscription numbers. Places with favourable terrain, higher population densities, and higher income have better connectivity. Online activity levels, on the other hand, do not always correspond with these factors. Overall, ownership of digital technologies and its use exhibit clear regional unevenness and a large urban-rural inequality. These geographical factors reflect differences in socio-demographic characteristics. Unfortunately, in Nepal, dominant discourses on the Internet brush aside these linkages.



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