Volume 11, Number 7 — 3 July 2006 (Proceedings of the 2nd First Monday Conference, May 2006, Chicago)

Table of Contents

Tactical memory: The politics of openness in the construction of memory HTML
Sandra Braman
Libraries, licensing and the challenge of stewardship. HTML
Sharon Farb
The case for open markets in education HTML
Steve Midgley
FLOSS methods in biotechnology HTML
Andrea Glorioso
Openness in communication HTML
Jon Hoem
The fog of copyleft HTML
Aaron Krowne, Raymond Puzio
Openness, access to government information and Caribbean governance HTML
Fay Durrant
Given enough minds...: Bridging the ingenuity gap HTML
Hassan Masum, Mark Tovey
Aligning the ideals of free software and free knowledge with the South African Freedom Charter HTML
Bob Jolliffe
Ethical and economic issues surrounding freely available images found on the Web HTML
Eric Lease Morgan

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