Volume 12 Number 10 - 1 October 2007

Public Knowledge Project: Selected papers from the Scholarly Publishing Conference, 11-13 July 2007

Table of Contents

Public Knowledge Project: Selected papers from the Scholarly Publishing Conference, 11-13 July 2007

Preface HTML
Brian Owen, Kevin Stranack
Scientific journal publishing in India: Promoting electronic publishing of scholarly journals in India HTML
Thomas Abraham, Suvarsha Minj
Scholarly publishing initiatives at the International Rice Research Institute: Linking users to public goods via open access HTML
Albert Borrero, Mila Ramos, Anna Arsenal, Katherine Lopez, Gene Hettel
Opening up scholarly information at the University of Illinois at Chicago HTML
Mary M. Case, Nancy R. John
The impact of the open access movement on medical based scholarly publishing in Nigeria HTML
Alasia Datonye Dennis
The Library as a mediator for e-publishing: A case on how a library can become a significant factor in facilitating digital scholarly communication and open access publishing for less Web-savvy journals HTML
Mikael K. Elbaek, Lars Nondal
From production to publishing at CJC online: Experiences, insights, and considerations for adoption HTML
Michael Felczak, Rowland Lorimer, Richard Smith
Open access to open publish: National Library of Australia HTML
Slobodanka (Bobby) Graham
Annotating and linking in the Open Journal Systems HTML
Rick Kopak, Chia-Ning Chiang
Extending OJS into small magazines: The OMMM Project HTML
John W. Maxwell
Using a Tetradic Network Technique and a Transaction Cost Economic Analysis to illustrate an economic model for an open access medical journal HTML
Michael D. Mills, Robert J. Esterhay, Judah Thornewill
Rethinking collections - Libraries and librarians in an open age: A theoretical view HTML
Heather Morrison
Scholarly publishing in sub-Saharan Africa in the twenty-first century: Challenges and opportunities HTML
Ezra Ondari-Okemwa
Newfound Press: The digital imprint of the University of Tennessee Libraries HTML
Linda L. Phillips
DiPP and eLanguage: Two cooperative models for open access HTML
Cornelius Puschmann, Peter Reimer
A critical theory of open access: Libraries and electronic publishing HTML
Ajit Pyati
Establishing an online editorial and publishing system: One-year experience with the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences HTML
Mahmoud Saghaei
Transitioning to open access (OA) HTML
Christina Struik, Hilde Coldenbrander, Stephen Warren, Halina de Maurivez, Heather Joseph, Denise Koufougiannakis, Heather Morrison, Kathleen Shearer, Kumiko Vezina, Andrew Waller
Partners in science: OJS, a collaborative researchers' workbench and an open repository HTML
Astrid Van Wesenbeeck, Martin Van Luijt

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