Volume 16, Number 2 - 7 February 2011

Table of Contents

The more people I meet, the more I like my dog: A study of pet-oriented social networks on the Web HTML
Jennifer Golbeck
The value of online friends: Networked resources via social network sites HTML
Michael A. Stefanone, Kyounghee Kwon, Derek Lackaff
Personal Web searching in the age of semantic capitalism: Diagnosing the mechanisms of personalisation HTML
Martin Feuz, Matthew Fuller, Felix Stalder
The age of Web diplomacy: Exploration of international broadcasting online HTML
Aziz Douai
Political activities on the Internet: Slacktivism or political participation by other means? HTML
Henrik Serup Christensen
Measuring effectiveness and user satisfaction in Yahoo! Answers HTML
Chirag Shah
Open data: Empowering the empowered or effective data use for everyone? HTML
Michael B. Gurstein

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