Volume 16, Number 5 - 2 May 2011

Table of Contents

Vernacular resistance to data collection and analysis: A political theory of obfuscation HTML
Finn Brunton, Helen Nissenbaum
Clandestine chatters: Self-disclosure in U.K. chat room profiles HTML
Chris Fullwood, Mike Thelwall, Sam O'Neill
Banding together for bandwidth: An analysis of survey results from wireless community network participants HTML
Gwen Shaffer
Digging into data using new collaborative infrastructures supporting humanities-based computer science research HTML
Michael Simeone, Jennifer Guiliano, Rob Kooper, Peter Bajcsy
Community created open source hardware: A case study of "eCars - Now!" HTML
Tiina Malinen, Teemu Mikkonen, Vesa Tienvieri, Tere Vadén
Sounds in the cloud: Cloud computing and the digital music commodity HTML
Jeremy Morris
Evaluating WikiTrust: A trust support tool for Wikipedia HTML
Teun Lucassen, Jan Maarten Schraagen

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