Volume 17, Number 2 - 6 February 2012

Table of Contents

Home computer ownership and Internet use in China: Trends, disparities, socioeconomic impacts, and policy implications HTML
Qingbin Wang, Minghao Li
The machine to aspire to: The computer in rural south India HTML
Joyojeet Pal
An analysis of the information behaviors, goals, and intentions of frequent Internet users: Findings from online activity diaries HTML
Beth St. Jean, Soo Young Rieh, Yong-Mi Kim, Ji Yeon Yang
Where do bloggers blog? Platform transitions within the historical Dutch blogosphere HTML
Esther Weltevrede, Anne Helmond
The imagined audience on Facebook: Analysis of Estonian teen sketches about typical Facebook users HTML
Maria Murumaa, Andra Siibak
Strengthening CAPTCHA-based Web security HTML
Graeme Baxter Bell

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