Volume 17, Number 6 - 4 June 2012

Table of Contents

User-generated online content 1: Overview, current state and context HTML
Pamela J. McKenzie, Jacquelyn Burkell, Lola Wong, Caroline Whippey, Samuel E. Trosow, Michael B. McNally
User-generated online content 2: Policy implications HTML
Michael B. McNally, Samuel E. Trosow, Lola Wong, Caroline Whippey, Jacquelyn Burkell, Pamela J. McKenzie
Technology hype versus enduring uses: A longitudinal study of Internet use among early adopters in an African city HTML
Jenna Burrell
The relationship between Internet user type and user performance when carrying out simple vs. complex search tasks HTML
Georg Singer, Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Ulrich Norbisrath, Dirk Lewandowski
Over 50 and wired: Web-based stakeholder communication HTML
Heather Martyn, Linda M. Gallant

Book Reviews

Book review of Eli Pariser’s The filter bubble: What the Internet is hiding from you HTML
Anne Shelley

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