Volume 17, Number 7 - 2 July 2012

Table of Contents

What happens to my data? A novel approach to informing users of data processing practices HTML
Bibi van den Berg, Simone van der Hof
Political Insights: Exploring partisanship in Web search queries HTML
Erik Borra, Ingmar Weber
Android and the political economy of the mobile Internet: A renewal of open source critique HTML
Kimberley Spreeuwenberg, Thomas Poell
Putting the “war” in cyberwar: Metaphor, analogy, and cybersecurity discourse in the United States HTML
Sean Lawson
The danger of big data: Social media as computational social science HTML
Andre Oboler, Kristopher Welsh, Lito Cruz
Netlabels and democratization of the recording industry HTML
Patryk Galuszka
Materializing information: 3D printing and social change HTML
Matt Ratto, Robert Ree

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