Volume 17, Number 11 - 5 November 2012

Table of Contents

Changes in the discourse of online hate blogs: The effect of Barack Obama's election in 2008 HTML
Shlomi Sela, Tsvi Kuflik, Gustavo S. Mesch
Using social bookmarks and tags as alternative indicators of journal content description HTML
Stefanie Haustein, Isabella Peters
Broadband applications: Categories, requirements, and future frameworks HTML
Jeff D. Saunders, Charles R. McClure, Lauren H. Mandel
The cognitive surplus is made of fossil fuels HTML
Bill Tomlinson, M. Six Silberman
Competitors’ news coverage as a source within economic and symbolic power relations HTML
Jeongsub Lim
The refraction chamber: Twitter as sphere and network HTML
Bernhard Rieder

Book Reviews

Review of "Mr. Collier's letter racks: A tale of art and illusion at the threshold of the modern information age" (Oxford University Press, 2012) HTML
Richard J. Cox
Review of "Connecting Canadians: Investigations in community informatics" (Athabasca University Press, 2012) HTML
Yijun Gao
Review of "Inequity in the technopolis: Race, class, gender, and the digital divide in Austin" (University of Texas Press, 2012) HTML
Don Hamerly
Review of "Tubes: A journey to the center of the Internet" (HarperCollins, 2012) HTML
Nick Steffel

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