Volume 18, Number 8 - 5 August 2013

Table of Contents

The politics of privacy and the privacy of politics: Parties, elections and voter surveillance in Western democracies HTML
Colin Bennett
Personal Health Record interfaces: A hermeneutic analysis HTML
Gary Burnett, Melinda Whetstone, Paul T. Jaeger
Networking and notworking in social intranets: User archetypes and participatory divides HTML
Marika Lüders
From lecture hall to city council: Twitter as subordinate involvement in formal settings HTML
Judith Bündgens-Kosten, Annabell Preußler
3D printing community and emerging practices of peer production HTML
Jarkko Moilanen, Tere Vadén
Museum 2.0: A study into the culture of expertise within the museum blogosphere HTML
Jessica Verboom, Payal Arora
Top ranking fashion blogs and their role in the current fashion industry HTML
Kristina Sedeke, Payal Arora
Research note: Measuring the globalization of knowledge: The case of community informatics HTML
Kate Williams, Noah Lenstra, Shameem Ahmed, Qiyuan Liu

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