Volume 18, Number 12 - 2 December 2013

Table of Contents

Transaction costs, privacy, and trust: The laudable goals and ultimate failure of notice and choice to respect privacy online HTML
Kirsten Martin
Viewing youth and mobile privacy through a digital policy literacy framework HTML
Leslie Regan Shade, Tamara Shepherd
Translating diversity to Internet governance HTML
Philip M. Napoli, Kari Karppinen
Political Facebook groups: Micro-activism and the digital front stage HTML
Jose Marichal
Understanding challenges in non-visual interaction with travel sites: An exploratory field study with blind users HTML
Rakesh Babu
Costs of and benefits resulting from public library e-government service provision: Findings and future directions from an exploratory study HTML
Lauren H. Mandel, Laura I. Spears, Debra Guenther, Charles R. McClure

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