Volume 19, Number 1 - 6 January 2014

Table of Contents

Emergency-relief coordination on social media: Automatically matching resource requests and offers HTML
Hemant Purohit, Carlos Castillo, Fernando Diaz, Amit Sheth, Patrick Meier
Understanding the evolution of bona fide mixed-mode groups: An example of Meetup groups HTML
Chih-Hui Lai
Rent-a-crowd? Crowdfunding academic research HTML
Rebecca English
#NBCFail: A qualitative review of the shared experience as a social movement HTML
Brendan O'Hallarn, Stephen Shapiro
Understanding the role of social media in online health: A global perspective on online social support HTML
Roderick Lamar Lee, Lynette M. Kvasny
Redefinition of online scoops: Online journalists’ personal and institutional responses to online scoops HTML
Jeongsub Lim
Does social media users’ commenting behavior differ by their local community tie? A computer–assisted linguistic analysis approach HTML
Weiai Wayne Xu, Liangyue Li, Michael A. Stefanone, Yun Fu
The effect that robots instead of spacemen landing on Mars can have on spacecraft development HTML
John D. Cokley, Daniel Angus

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