Volume 19, Number 2 - 3 February 2014

Table of Contents

The battle for ‘Trayvon Martin’: Mapping a media controversy online and off-line HTML
Erhardt Graeff, Matt Stempeck, Ethan Zuckerman
The rise of African SIM registration: The emerging dynamics of regulatory change HTML
Kevin P. Donovan, Aaron K. Martin
Life on automatic: Facebook's archival subject HTML
Liam Mitchell
'Research in the wild' in online communities: Reddit's resistance to SOPA HTML
Melissa Loudon
“You may have a cancer-causing virus and not even know it” Fear appeals in online news HTML
Brad Love, Michael S. Mackert
Governing risks and benefits: Mobile communication technologies in British universities HTML
Anita Howarth, Gemma Martínez Fernández
User investment and behavior policing on 4chan HTML
Matthew Trammell
In the realm of Big Data ... HTML
Antony Bryant, Uzma Raja

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