Volume 19, Number 12 - 1 December 2014

Table of Contents

Mediating the Black Pete discussion on Facebook: Slacktivism, flaming wars, and deliberation HTML
Karin van Es, Daniela van Geenen, Thomas Boeschoten
Images of innovation in discourses of free and open source software HTML
George Dafermos, Michel J.G. van Eeten
The functions of buzzwords: A comparison of ‘Web 2.0’ and ‘telematics’ HTML
Ole J. Mjøs, Hallvard Moe, Vilde Schanke Sundet
Disconnect: A case study of short-term voluntary mobile phone non-use HTML
Sun Kyong Lee, James E. Katz
Pricey privacy: Framing the economy of information in the digital age HTML
Federica Fornaciari
Contextualizing the power of social media: Technology, communication and the Libya Crisis HTML
Laura Morris
Challenging the commodification of public spheres: The hacker work ethic in a free media lab HTML
Steven Corbett

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