Volume 20, Number 1 - 5 January 2015

Table of Contents

Censorship is f̶u̶t̶i̶l̶e̶ possible but difficult: A study in algorithmic ethnography HTML
Paul Watters
Surveying the citizen science landscape HTML
Andrea Wiggins, Kevin Crowston
A methodology for mapping Instagram hashtags HTML
Tim Highfield, Tama Leaver
Talking to Twitter users: Motivations behind Twitter use on the Alberta oil sands and the Northern Gateway Pipeline HTML
Brittany White, Heather Castleden, Anatoliy Gruzd
The ‘real deal’: Strategic authenticity, politics and social media HTML
Georgia Gaden, Delia Dumitrica
New modes of integration: Individuality and sociality in digital networks HTML
Marian Adolf, Dennis Deicke
Digitization, Internet publishing and the revival of scholarly monographs: An empirical study in India HTML
Rojers P. Joseph, Shishir K. Jha

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