Volume 20, Number 2 - 2 February 2015

Table of Contents

Ad hoc encounters with big data: Engaging citizens in conversations around tabletops HTML
Morten Fjeld, Paweł Woźniak, Josh Cowls, Bonnie Nardi
Lifelong learning in the digital age: A content analysis of recent research on participation HTML
Alison J. Head, Michele Van Hoeck, Deborah S. Garson
Object, Me, Symbiote, Other: A social typology of player-avatar relationships HTML
Jaime Banks
Potential contributor perspectives on desirable characteristics of an online data environment for spatially-referenced data HTML
James Campbell
#Hashtagging hate: Using Twitter to track racism online HTML
Irfan Chaudhry
How to control the Internet: Comparative political implications of the Internet's engineering HTML
Steven Lloyd Wilson
ACT UP: A network’s resistance through constitutive rhetoric HTML
Franklin Nii Amankwah Yartey

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