Volume 20, Number 10 - 5 October 2015

Table of Contents

Following the Joneses: FOMO and conspicuous sociality HTML
Joseph Reagle
Kawaii meiru and Maroyaka neko: Mobile emoji for relationship maintenance and aesthetic expressions among Japanese teens HTML
Satomi Sugiyama
Presence, or the sense of being-there and being-with in the new media society HTML
Sun-ha Hong
Sprinting a media marathon: Uses and gratifications of binge-watching television through Netflix HTML
Matthew Pittman, Kim Sheehan
Shifting media imaginaries of the Web HTML
Frédérik Lesage, Louis Rinfret
Framing digital activism: The spectre of cyberterrorism HTML
Fidele Vlavo
A new model to explore non-profit social media use for advocacy and civic engagement HTML
David Chapman, Katrina Miller-Stevens, John C Morris, Brendan O'Hallarn
Getting a “quick fix”: First-year college students’ use of Wikipedia HTML
John C. Garrison

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