Volume 21, Number 2 - 1 February 2016

Table of Contents

#FailedRevolutions: Using Twitter to study the antecedents of ISIS support HTML
Walid Magdy, Kareem Darwish, Ingmar Weber
News trustworthiness and verification in China: The tension of dual media channels HTML
Yiran Wang, Gloria Mark
Media futures: Premediation and the politics of performative prototypes HTML
Jörgen Skågeby
#digitalactivism: New media and political protest HTML
Jake Wallis, Lisa M. Given
The impact of academic sponsorship on Web survey dropout and item non-response HTML
Peter James Allen, Lynne D. Roberts
Locative mobile media and time: Foursquare and technological memory HTML
Michael Saker, Leighton Evans
Working beyond the confines of academic discipline to resolve a real-world problem: A community of scientists discussing long-tail data in the cloud HTML
Catherine F. Brooks, P. Bryan Heidorn, Gretchen R. Stahlman, Steven S. Chong
Television use in the 21st century: An exploration of television and social television use in a multiplatform environment HTML
Jiyoung Cha

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