Volume 21, Number 7 - 4 July 2016

Table of Contents

Rethinking civic computing in China HTML
Yubo Kou, Bonnie Nardi
Researching microcelebrity: Methods, access and labour HTML
Jonathan Mavroudis, Esther Milne
Simple online privacy for Australia HTML
Margaret Jackson, Jonathan O'Donnell, Joann Cattlin
Close reading big data: The Echo Nest and the production of (rotten) music metadata HTML
Maria Eriksson
Big playerbase, big data: On data analytics methodologies and their applicability to studying multiplayer games and culture HTML
Ben Egliston
Who needs trust when you know everything? Dealing with information abundance on a consumer-review Web site HTML
Andrew Michael Duffy
User-generated content on Facebook: Implications from the perspective of two organisations HTML
Jayan Kurian
Big data for the humanities using Google Ngrams: Discovering hidden patterns of conceptual trends HTML
Shai Ophir

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