Volume 21, Number 8 - 1 August 2016

Table of Contents

Studying the viral growth of a connective action network using information event signatures HTML
Jeff Hemsley
Audience constructed genre with Instagram: Street art and graffiti HTML
Christopher D. F. Honig, Lachlan MacDowall
Social media and the transnationalization of mass activism: Twitter and the labour movement HTML
Michael Dahlberg-Grundberg, Ragnar Lundström, Simon Lindgren
Ordering space: Alternative views of ICT and geography HTML
Quinn DuPont, Yuri Takhteyev
Connectedness and disconnectedness to new and old media within different age groups HTML
Joo-Young Jung
The cost of search and evaluation in online problem-solving social networks with financial and non-financial incentives HTML
Daniel Scain Farenzena, Luís da Cunha Lamb, Ricardo Matsumura Araújo
LatinoTwitter: Discourses of Latino civic Engagement in social medie HTML
Alison N. Novak, Kristine Johnson, Manuel Pontes

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