Volume 21, Number 9 - 5 September 2016

Table of Contents

Securing private data sharing in multi-party analytics HTML
Gowtham Bellala, Bernardo Huberman
Integrating and differentiating meanings in tweeting about the fifth Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report HTML
Kim Holmberg, Iina Hellsten
Soft coercion: Reciprocal expectations of availability in the use of mobile communication HTML
Rich Ling
Use of information and communication technology among street drifters in Los Angeles HTML
Xinning Gui, Julien Forbat, Bonnie Nardi, Dan Stokols
Led it on Reddit: An exploratory study examining opinion leadership on Reddit HTML
Danielle K Kilgo, Joseph J. Yoo, Vinicio Sinta, Stephanie Geise, Melissa Suran, Thomas J Johnson
Curating for engagement: Identifying the nature and impact of organizational marketing strategies on Pinterest HTML
Gregory D. Saxton, Amanda Ghosh
The relationship between Instagram selfies and body image in young adult women HTML
Charles Wagner, Ester Aguirre, Erin M. Sumner

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