Journals@UIC is a project of the UIC University Library to make journals available openly to the scholarly community worldwide. It also aims to assist UIC faculty and others with the management and editorial work associated with the journals they edit.

AoIR Selected Papers of Internet Research

Selected Papers of Internet Research (SPIR) is the open access online collection of papers presented at the annual international conferences of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR).

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Behavior and Social Issues

Affiliated with Behaviorists for Social Responsibility, Behavior and Social Issues is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary scientific journal which serves as a primary scholarly outlet for articles that advance the analysis of human social behavior, particularly with regard to understanding and influencing significant social problems. The journal is particularly interested in publishing work related to issues with social justice, human rights, and sustainability implications, but all serious social issues are of interest. Articles considered for publication should be grounded in behavior analytic and behavioral systems science. (Before submitting, please go to "About" on the menu above to review the Focus and Scope of the journal.)

Predecessor (Legacy) Journals:

Behaviorists for Social Action Journal (1978-1985)

Behavior Analysis and Social Action (1987-1989)

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First Monday

First Monday is one of the first openly accessible, peer–reviewed journals solely devoted to research about the Internet. First Monday has published 1,828 papers in 273 issues, written by 2,547 different authors, over the past 22 years. No subscription fees, no submission fees, no advertisements, no fundraisers, no walls.

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Journal of Biocommunication

The Journal of Biocomunication (JBC) is a publicly accessible, peer-reviewed publication of visual communication in the life sciences. The JBC's content describes proven or experimental procedures in medical and scientific illustration, medical and natural science photography, digital imaging, data visualization, animation, game design, instructional design, and other communication modalities.

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DISCO: Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration

What is Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration? Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration is an Open Access, peer-reviewed online journal that will encompass all aspects of scientific information management and studies of scientific practice, with a particular emphasis on biomedical laboratory investigations. Currently, many scattered disciplines study aspects of scientific practice, including informatics, computer science, sociology, cognitive psychology, scientometrics, rhetoric, and history and philosophy of science. The journal will connect these disparate perspectives with each other, and with contemporary scientific practice.

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Letras Femeninas. A Journal of Women and Gender Studies in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures

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Online Journal of Public Health Informatics

Interest in informatics as a specialty in the health sciences disciplines reflects the central role that information collection, analysis, and utilization now play in the healthcare sector. New public health threats such as bioterrorism and flu pandemics will demand an improved infrastructure for disseminating information about best practices. The Online Journal of Public Health Informatics (OJPHI) strives to satisfy the growing need for a public health informatics knowledge portal by practitioners, researchers, educators, and policy makers. It is a quarterly open access, open source, peer-reviewed journal.

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Uncommon Culture

Uncommon Culture provides unique perspectives on a rich variety of cultural activities in Europe. Examining cultural institutions and their collections, this magazine gives new insight into diverse cultural activities.

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