An Analysis of Electric Vehicle Trends in Developed Nations: A Sustainable Solution for India

Farhan Faisal


Electric Vehicles (EVs) have been revived since the late 1990s due to environmental causes and
breakthroughs in battery technology. As a result, the EV markets in developed nations evolved to
compete with conventional combustion engine vehicles. However, there is a need to reduce the global
carbon emissions, which recently crossed the 400 ppm threshold permanently. EVs are proposed as
a realistic solution and a necessity to mitigate the eects of global warming. This solution should
be expanded to highly populated developing countries that contributes to over 63 percent of the
global emissions to develop a zero carbon transport infrastructure. This application for sustainable
transportation is best suited for developing nations like India which already has a potential EV
market for two wheel, three wheel vehicles and buses. This paper discusses the various factors
required to establish a thriving EV market in India while accounting for challenges that are unique
to the nation to promote EV as an alternative e-mobility transport option for the masses thereby
addressing the energy inequality crisis.

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