<b>Russia</b>: The Rybinsk State History, Architecture and Art Museum-Preserve


  • Sergey Cherkalin
  • Nadezhda Brakker



Author Biographies

Sergey Cherkalin

cherkalin.jpgSergey Cherkalin, Director of the Rybinsk State History, Architecture and Art Museum-Preserve from 1992. Sergey graduated from the Rybinsk avia-technological Institute in 1883. Sergey took part in museum management system implementation in museums of the Yaroslavl region, Ivanovo region, Kostroma region, Nizhny Novgorod and Saint-Petersburg. He is a member of the expert group for the Ministry of Culture of Russia, a member of the expert consulting group for the information society development Advisory Board to the President of Russia, and the head of the Board of museum director of Yaroslavl region.

Nadezhda Brakker

brakker.jpg Nadezhda Brakker, senior expert of the Centre of Informatisation in the sphere of Culture (Centre PIC), was graduated from the State Moscow University, the department of structural and applied linguistics and post-graduate of the All-union Institute of Science and Technical Information. Nadezhda works in the area of information technologies in culture for 30 years, takes an active part in all the projects of Centre PIC and is responsible for research and international projects. Nadezhda is a board member of the Russian Museum Association on Documentation and Technologies (ADIT ? www.adit.ru ) and an expert of the Russian Committee of the UNESCO ?Information for all? Programme.




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