<b>Estonia</b>: The Internet-based Museum Information System MuIS in Estonian Museums


  • Indrek Eensaar
  • Kaie Jeeser


MuIS, Estonian museums, databases

Author Biography

Indrek Eensaar

Indrek Eensaar graduated with a Masters in Public Administration from Tallinn Technical University. From 1999 to 2003 he was a Senior Specialist with the Harju County Government. Since 2003 he has held the position of Head of Information Technology Division in the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia. His areas of responsibility include coordinating the development of information technology in the administrative area of the Ministry, managing the development-plans of state priority IT-systems (the IT systems of the museums and libraries) and coordinating the IT-related fields of activities (digitalisation).




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Eensaar, I., & Jeeser, K. (2010). <b>Estonia</b>: The Internet-based Museum Information System MuIS in Estonian Museums. Uncommon Culture, 1(1), 98–101. Retrieved from https://journals.uic.edu/ojs/index.php/UC/article/view/3284



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