<b>Italy</b>: To the Museum of Alexandria and Back Again


  • Elena Calandra


Alexandria, museums, digitisation

Author Biography

Elena Calandra

Calandra.jpg Elena Calandra is in charge at Italian Heritage Ministry, Rome; already Archaeological Superintendent of the Lombardy, now she is "Dirigente Archeologo - Ispettore Centrale" [head of archaeology and inspector at the General Secretariat].. She obtained the degree in classical archaeology at the Pavia University, Ghislieri College, the master at the Bologna University, and the Ph.D. at Rome, La Sapienza. She was Fulbright fellow at the American Academy in Rome, Zürich University fellow, Mainz University fellow, post-doctoral fellow at the Pavia University, Henkel fellow at the German Archaeological Institut in Rome, visiting scholar at the Italian Archaeological School at Athens.




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