<b>Slovak Republic</b>: Digitisation in Museums in the Slovak Republic


  • Erik Kriššák


digitisation, museums

Author Biography

Erik Kriššák

krissak.jpg Erik Kri??ák graduated the Faculty of Philosophy of the Comenius University of Bratislava at the Department of Library and Information Science. During his professional career he worked as librarian (Slovak National Archive, University Library in Bratislava), thesauri administrator in Slovak National Museum and recently as an manager of Structural Funds at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Slovak Republic. He was also a national expert in Member States? Expert Group on Digitisation and Digital Preservation.


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Kriššák, E. (2010). <b>Slovak Republic</b>: Digitisation in Museums in the Slovak Republic. Uncommon Culture, 1(1), 168–171. Retrieved from https://journals.uic.edu/ojs/index.php/UC/article/view/3318



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