<b>Bulgaria</b>: The Online Union Library Catalogue in Bulgaria


  • Irina Kuzidova- Karadzhinova


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Irina Kuzidova- Karadzhinova

kuzidova.jpg Irina Kuzidova-Karadzhinova is a Research Associate at the Institute of Literature at BAS. She was granted an M.A. in Bulgarian Philology in 2000 by the Sofia University and a Ph.D in Medieval Studies in 2005 by BAS. In 2003 she was a guest scholar in Belgrade, and from 2005 to 2006 and in 2009 in Vienna. She has also taught Medieval Bulgarian literature at the South Eastern University. She participates in projects related to digitisation of and research in medieval Slavic manuscript heritage and is interested in the transformation of antique texts in Christianity, in anchorite agiographic literature, and apophthegmata.


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