<b>Czech Republic</b>: eSbírky - Culture without Borders


  • Ivana Havlikova
  • Kateřina Salonová

Author Biographies

Ivana Havlikova

Havlikova.jpg Ivana Havlíková is the head of Centre for presentation of cultural heritage, one of the departments of the National Museum. She graduated in Classical Archaeology and History of Art at Charles University in Prague and in Arts management at University of Economics in Prague. She has worked in the National Museum since 2007. The Centre for presentation of Cultural Heritage focuses on the area of mediation of the collections and resulting knowledge to the public, specific questions of museum presentation and public communication, and also remarkable presentation enterprises. Ivana coordinated the Prague Museum Nights in 2009 and 2010.

Kateřina Salonová

Salonova.jpg Kate?ina Salonová is the manager of the European project in the National museum. She also manages an on-line presentation of the National museum www.esbirky.cz. Kate?ina received her Master?s degree in history from the University of Pardubice in Czech Republic in 2007. Afterwards she worked for the Czech foundation NROS and coordinated European social projects there. She has worked in the National Museum since 2009.


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