EOD network - eBooks on Demand


  • Silvia Gstrein


European libraries are hosting millions of books published from 1500 to 1900. Due to their age and value, they are often only accessible to users actually present at these libraries. This is exactly where the eBooks-on-Demand (EOD) network starts from, providing a trans-European digital document delivery service for end-users from all over the world giving access to historical books "here and now" with a digitisation on demand service. Currently the EOD network comprises over 30 libraries from 12 European countries. Since 2007 several thousand PDF eBooks have been generated, delivered to users from over 30 countries worldwide, and subsequently made available to the public through the repositories of the participating libraries. User reactions have been very encouraging so far, and more and more libraries are now thinking of offering the service.

Author Biography

Silvia Gstrein

gstrein.jpg Silvia Gstrein holds degrees in both Hispanistics and Business Administration Studies. She is the project manager of the eBooks on Demand (EOD) network within the Department for Digitisation and Digital Preservation at the Library of the University of Innsbruck/Austria. Since 2002, she has managed several national and international IT related projects in the area of e-learning and digitisation. Currently she is involved in several EU projects such as EOD (Culture Programme), ARROW, and EuropeanaConnect and is coordinator of the eBooks on Demand network (http://books2ebooks.eu).


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