<b>Finland</b>: The National Digital Library of Finland


  • Minna Karvonen

Author Biography

Minna Karvonen

Education: MA (Comparative Literature, Philosophy, Sociology) 1993, University of Helsinki, Finland. Posts: Lecturer, University of Helsinki 1993?1996 Researcher, Ministry of Education 1994?1996 Planner 1996?1999, Consulting Officer 1999?2002, Head of Development Unit 2002?, Head of Department ((Museum sector development and knowledge management) 2011?, the National Board of Antiquities of Finland, a central governmental body responsible for safeguarding Finland's material cultural heritage. Presently on a leave of absence from the post of the Head of Department. Current post (2007?2011): Secretary General at the Ministry of Education (Digitisation, Accessibility and Long-term Preservation of Cultural Heritage; the National Digital Library).


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