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David Fuegi

Fuegi.JPG David is a librarian who held a number of senior management positions in large UK public library authorities and at one time was a principal Library Adviser to the ministers responsible for public libraries. Since 1997 he has worked full-time as an independent consultant and researcher mainly creating and managing large international projects for libraries with funding from European Union programmes. Since 2004 he has worked closely with Eremo srl, mainly in relation to national libraries and the European Digital Library [Europeana]. In the IST programme he was project manager for the CULTIVATE-CEE project and wrote and managed CULTIVATE-RUSSIA in the pan-European CULTIVATE network. On behalf of Eremo s.r.l. he wrote and managed the TEL-ME-MOR and EDL projects and wrote and was/is involved in the management of the TELplus , EDLnet, Euopeana v1.0, EuropeanaTravel, EuropeanaConnect and European Film Gateway projects which were central to the European Commission?s digital libraries policy strand. His interest in the application of evidence based management, library statistics and performance indicators at national and international levels has led to his involvement in a number of international research activities including LIBECON and NUMERIC. Since late 2006 he has been working with Monika Segbert to assist the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?s Global Libraries programme to develop their impact assessment activities.




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