Photoarchive: Photography, Memory and Creative Impulse for Art


  • Emanuela Sesti




Photography is usually considered an instrument that helps men to recollect their past - such is the memory of photography - as though photography was a kind of aide-memoire machine. Is this the reason why the interest for archives and memory is now so lively? Is there an anxiety for memory?

Author Biography

Emanuela Sesti

 Emanuela Sesti has a degree in art history, specialising in the history of the Middle Ages and modern art. Emanuela is specialised in the management of photographic archives, index and digitalisation, copyright and reproduction fees, Internet project management, photographic and iconographic research. She has done research for the Italian National Centre of Research and for the University of Florence, and has made several publications on the history of art and the history of photography. She was the director of the Alinari Photoarchive and of the Alinari Online Department for digital, index, and web projects and now is the Education and Cultural Projects Manager at the Alinari Foundation. She taught History of Photography at the University of Florence (School of Specialisation in History of Art, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Architecture) and at the Master of Fine Arts in Imaging Arts – Photography (Fondazione Fotografia, Modena) and in many courses on the conservation and restoration of photography (Alinari, Alta Scuola di Formazione Opificio delle Pietre Dure).




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