The Rise of Press Photography and Picture Agencies 1842-1939


  • John Balean


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Imagery has always been used as the medium to present an instant message to the public. Indeed the image was used as the written word and today the use of imagery is essential to capture the attention of a reader.

Author Biography

John Balean

 John Balean, BA (VA) is a graduate of the University of Newcastle in Australia and has been working at TopFoto, UK ( Topham Partners LLP ) since 1996. He is currently co-ordinating two EU projects for TopFoto: Europeana Photography ( and Ambrosia, Europeana Food and Drink ( John has given lectures and written about the picture industry and is the Consultant Researcher to the Press Photo History Project ( ), and was the editor of CEPIC’s Image Trading International. He stands on the Executive Committee of BAPLA (British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies, and on the board of CEPIC (Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage, When time allows he creates daguerreotypes, the earliest form of photography, using a vintage Gandolfi 5x7 plate camera.




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