Revisiting History


  • Bruno Vandermeulen




The past few years have witnessed a renewed interest in vintage and vernacular photography and photographic archives in general. This increase in attention is clearly reflected within the arts. More and more photographers/artists blend their own creations with existing photographs or use vintage photography and old techniques as a basis for new works of art. This article highlights some of the finest examples of this artistic practice, by artists such as Mark Klett, Simon Norfolk, Shimon Attie, Sally Mann and Broomberg and Chanarin. Each one of them, in his or her own way, revisits history using early photography as a point of access.

Author Biography

Bruno Vandermeulen

 Bruno Vandermeulen, born in 1972, holds a MA in photography. He coordinates photography and digital asset management in the Faculty of Arts (University of Leuven), and is the head of the Digitisation Lab of the University Library. He participates in several large scale inventarisation and digitisation projects in the field of cultural heritage, ranging from rare manuscript collections to archaeological excavations, at the local and international levels. Within EuropeanaPhotography he coordinated the digitisation phase within the university and wrote factsheets on digitisation. His own work focuses on the relation between photography and history, and more specifically on how to photograph the past.




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