<b>Romania</b>: A Phenomenology of Photography in Nineteenth-Century Romania


  • Emanuel Bǎdescu

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Emanuel Bǎdescu

Emanuel BÇŽdescu was born in Corabia on August 25, 1952. He is a graduate of the Faculty of History and currently a librarian at the Romanian Academy Library in the Department of Engravings. He is the author of the volumes “The Great Fire of Bucharest and other stories from Bucharestâ€, “Things about Old Bucharestâ€, “Mazar Pasha's Bucharestâ€, “Romanians’ National Anthemsâ€, “Bucharest under the Transience Government…â€, and “1918. Alba Iulia – Bucharestâ€. He is a co-author of the volumes “Brief History of Royalty in Romaniaâ€, “Nicolae Ionescu. Old Bucharestâ€, “Carol Szathmari, Photographer of Bucharestâ€, “Bucharest during Carol Iâ€, a tome comprising a summary of the history of photography of Bucharest.




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