<b>Slovak Republic</b>: A Secret Hidden in Old Theatrical Photographs


  • Anna Grusková

Author Biography

Anna Grusková

Anna Grusková is a Czech-Slovak theatre scientist as well as a theatre, film and radio author and director. She graduated in Theatre and Film Studies at Charles University in Prague. She has initiated and led many domestic and international projects with both an artistic and social dimension (America, Brides / Brides, Sarcophagi and ATMs); on others she has participated as an author (Donaudrama, Chance ’89). Her drama Rabbi Woman about the fate of the Bratislava Jewish activist Gisi Fleischmann was staged in the Slovak National Theatre and the Theatre Reon in Bologna. Among others, she also directed the theatre and film installation Danube Drama or Filthy Coffee, Cheap Cigarettes, and the documentary film Rabbi Woman. She is employed by the Theatre Institute, lives in Bratislava, and enjoys cycling.




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