The Creative Essence of Cultural Innovation


  • John Favaro ICIMSS
  • Patrizia Falcone


The music historian Donald Jay Grout wrote that Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring “had the effect of an explosion that so scattered the elements of musical language that they could never again be put together as before”. Thomas Kelly added that its legendary premiere in 1913 could be considered “the most important th single moment in the history of 20 century music”.

Author Biographies

John Favaro, ICIMSS

John Favaro is a consultant in information technology and innovation management based in Pisa, Italy. He is the copy editor of Uncommon Culture. John is an Associate Editor in Chief of IEEE Software Magazine responsible for the management area. He has participated in numerous collaborative projects of the European Union in both technical and management roles, and is a reviewer for the Open Disruptive Innovation proposal scheme implemented through the SME instrument. John graduated in computer science from Yale University and the University of California at Berkeley.

Patrizia Falcone

Patrizia Falcone is an actress, theatre director, and communications expert. She graduated from the University of Pisa with a degree in law, and began her artistic career in 1979, specialising in theatrical movement and expression. At the Teatro delle Tosse in Genova she deepened her studies in the relationship between text, theatre, and directing. Starting in 1987 she augmented her acting activities with directing. Several of her stagings have found recognition at the European level: Max Aub’s San Juan, whose theatrical adaptation is cited in the Spanish edition of the book (Editorial Pre-Textos/Barcelona); De Planctu Dominae, by Iacopone da Todi, whose theatrical adaptation and direction were analysed in detail in the journals Quaderni Medievali and Maia specializing in medieval and classic literature. Aside from her theatrical work, she pursues activities as a communications consultant, holding courses for non-theatrical professionals, such as teachers and corporate managers. These activities have included collaboration with ICIMSS in Torun and the presentation of the Agile Theatre at the International Conference on Agile Software Engineering. In 2009 she was engaged as an instructor in the EU Programme COMENIUS, for a workshop on the theme of Second Life and First Life. She has been a member of UNICEF since 2003, becoming a regional-level president in 2010 and creating cultural events and projects that employ theatrical methods and techniques for the dissemination in schools and other institutions of the 1989 International Convention on Children’s Rights.




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