• Krzysztof Nichczynski

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Krzysztof Nichczynski

Krzysztof Nichczynski is a graduate of the University of Gdansk (Poland) with a Master's degree in Law followed by post - graduate studies at Poznan University of Economics. Currently, he is a Project and Policy Officer in the European Commission: Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT), Unit G2 - Creativity. He is responsible, among others, for policy implementation, management and monitoring of the EC funded projects in the area of digitised cultural heritage and cultural and creative industries, contributing to strategy and policy development in these areas. Prior to joining the Commission, he was dealing with legal, fiscal, and tax issues as a member of the Polish Civil Service Corps, working for the Tax Office, Ministry of Finance, and the Permanent Representation of Poland to the EU in Brussels. He was a delegate at the meetings of various working parties both in the Council of the EU and the Commission, and was involved in cooperation with EU institutions, especially during preparation and at the time of the Polish Presidency in the Council.






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