<b>Poland</b>: The Academic Library in Virtual World


  • Justyna Jasiewicz

Author Biography

Justyna Jasiewicz

Justyna Jasiewicz is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies at University of Warsaw. She obtained her Ph.D. in information science from University of Warsaw in 2011. Her main area of research and teaching is information literacy and digital skills. She is the author of the book Kompetencje informacyjne mlodziezy (Youth information literacy) (Wydawnictwo Stowarzyszenia Bibliotekarzy Polskich, 2012) and several articles published in collective works and professional journals, such as Przegląd Biblioteczny (Library Review). Dr. Jasiewicz is an associate of number of public libraries and non-governmental organizations in Poland. From 2014 to 2016 she was managing quantitative and qualitative research on digital skills in cooperation with Samsung Poland, Google Poland, and Orange Poland. In 2016 she started research regarding the use of social science research methods in LIS, inspired by methodological challenges within led projects. Since 2017 she also runs a project on digital skills of youth, carried out with the use of biometric methods.




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