User Impressions of System Questions to Acquire Lexical Knowledge during Dialogues


  • Kazunori Komatani Osaka University
  • Kohei Ono Osaka University
  • Ryu Takeda Osaka University
  • Eric Nichols Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Mikio Nakano Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd.



dialogue system, knowledge acquisition during dialogues, lexical acquisition, user impression


We have been addressing the problem of acquiring attributes of unknown terms through dialogues and previously proposed an approach using the implicit confirmation process. It is crucial for dialogue systems to ask questions that do not diminish the user’s willingness to talk. In this paper, we conducted a user study to investigate user impression for several question types, including explicit and implicit, to acquire lexical knowledge. We clarified the order among the types and found that repeating the same question type annoys the user and degrades user impression even when the content of the questions is correct. We also propose a method for determining whether an estimated attribute is correct, which is included in an implicit question. The method exploits multiple-user responses to implicit questions about the attribute of the same unknown term. Experimental results revealed that the proposed method exhibited a higher precision rate for determining the correctly estimated attributes than when only single-user responses were considered.



2022-06-21 — Updated on 2022-06-22