Is carousel interaction really usable?


  • Rashika Tasnim Keya
  • Pietro Murano Oslo Metropolitan University



Web carousel, usability, User interfaces, Interaction


In this paper a novel and significant study into the usability of carousel interaction in the context of desktop interaction is presented. Two equivalent prototypes in an e-commerce context were developed. One version had a carousel and the other version did not have a carousel. These were then compared with each other in an empirical experiment with 40 participants.

The data collected were statistically analysed and overall results showed that in terms of performance the Web site version without carousel outperformed the version with carousel. Furthermore, the subjective preferences of the participants were strongly in favour of the without carousel version of the site.

The results of this study make an important contribution to knowledge suggesting that in many cases implementing a carousel is not the best design decision. The results of this paper are particularly significant in relation to desktop versioned Web sites and goal-driven tasks. Serendipitous-type tasks and mobile versioned web sites used on mobile devices with touch screens were not part of the scope of this work.

Author Biography

Pietro Murano, Oslo Metropolitan University

Associate professor of computer science at Oslo Metropolitan University




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Keya, R. T., & Murano, P. (2022). Is carousel interaction really usable?. First Monday, 27(1).