Intelligent skin: Real virtual


  • Vera Bühlmann



What will it feel like to live in a city, where houses court each other in springtime? The 'intelligent-skin' project investigates the potential of media-façades in terms of corporate communication: what does it mean to build houses out of bricks of mediality? What does it imply to say that communication literally takes place? The virtualization of housing through large sized media skins will introduce medial milieus into our urban spheres to come – they might seize to function as add-ons and instead become infrastructure of our very surrounds just like street lightening, many-storey buildings or large sized rear windows have come to be. And like any of these, media façades will introduce new social habits; they will stimulate us to integrate new ways of engaging with our surrounds into every day live.




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Bühlmann, V. (2006). Intelligent skin: Real virtual. First Monday.