PlantCollections - A Community Solution

  • Boyce Tankersley Chicago Botanic Garden
  • Christopher Dunn
  • Min Cai Henderson Chicago Botanic Garden
  • David Vieglais University of Kansas
  • Greg Riccardi Florida State University
  • Pam Allenstein American Public Gardens Association
  • Dietrich Kappe Pathfinder Development


PlantCollections - A Community Solution is the first free application developed to serve the needs of scientists, students and gardeners that provides access on the World Wide Web to information stored in plant record databases of botanic gardens and arboreta. This information supports research into plants; the environments in which they are found; and their growth, propagation, ornamental characteristics and causes of death in gardens.

Author Biographies

Boyce Tankersley, Chicago Botanic Garden
Director of Living Plant Documentation at the Chicago Botanic Garden.
Christopher Dunn
Director of the Harold L. Lyon Arboretum at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
Min Cai Henderson, Chicago Botanic Garden
Project bioinformatics specialist at the Chicago Botanic Garden.
David Vieglais, University of Kansas
Senior Scientist at the Biodiversity Research Center and Natural History Museum of the University of Kansas.
Greg Riccardi, Florida State University
Professor of Information in the College of Information at Florida State University.
Pam Allenstein, American Public Gardens Association
North American Plant Collections Consortium Coordinator for the American Public Gardens Association.
Dietrich Kappe, Pathfinder Development
co-founder and the CTO of Pathfinder Development.
How to Cite
Tankersley, B., Dunn, C., Henderson, M. C., Vieglais, D., Riccardi, G., Allenstein, P., & Kappe, D. (1). PlantCollections - A Community Solution. First Monday, 13(8).
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