Blogs and blogging: Current trends and future directions

  • Anders Olof Larsson Dept. of Informatics and Media, Uppsala University
  • Stefan Hrastinski KTH, Royal Institute of Technology and Uppsala University, Sweden
Keywords: blogs, research review


Adopting an interdisciplinary scope, this paper presents a review of research on blogs and blogging within the social sciences and the humanities. It maps out what kind of research has been completed, how it has been performed and what gaps that might need to be filled in this relatively new area of research. More specifically, the paper will analyze all articles on blogs and blogging published until 2009 and indexed by the ISI Web of Knowledge.
How to Cite
Larsson, A. O., & Hrastinski, S. (2011). Blogs and blogging: Current trends and future directions. First Monday, 16(3).