Over 50 and wired: Web-based stakeholder communication

Heather Martyn, Linda M. Gallant


Public relations professionals in the era of online communication and social media need to use the best channels of communication to reach specific publics. To achieve this, research is needed in how specific demographic segments seek out and use online communication. A growing online audience segment is adults 50 years old and older, important organizational stakeholders. A layered case study, utilizing surveys and interviews, presents an organization’s research on Web–based communication strategy with older adults. The findings reveal several important communication dynamics for online interaction with audiences. These include: how older adults prefer to seek out and receive information; the importance of a technology’s ease of use; increasing uses of social media profiles; and, personal contact.


Older Adults; Social Media; Stakeholder; Online Communication

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v17i6.3449

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