I see you, you see me: Mobile advertisements and privacy

  • Theodore Book Rice University
  • Chris Bronk
Keywords: Mobile Applications, Mobile Advertisements, Mobile Privacy, Data Privacy, Data Privacy Policy


We present a summary of our own research, showing that mobile advertisements collect and use significant private data, including personally identifiable information. We examine uses of this information beyond ad targeting. We then explore the privacy implications of this practice, and evaluate various potential technical and regulatory responses. We conclude that both regulatory attention and technical measures are needed to avoid potential serious harm to users.

Author Biographies

Theodore Book, Rice University
Theodore Book is a doctoral candidate at Rice University in Houston Texas. His research focuses on exploring the privacy impact of mobile advertisements.
Chris Bronk
assistant professor at the University of Houston
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Book, T., & Bronk, C. (2016). I see you, you see me: Mobile advertisements and privacy. First Monday. https://doi.org/10.5210/fm.v0i0.6154